The next album is finished, you can download it here: derlings-vol-2

The video shows previews of all the songs included:

Justice 4 All - Remix Competition

2013-02-02 05:47:26 by DJtheSdotcom

A remix competition about the Ace Attorney series!

Submission period: February, 1st - March, 10th
Voting Period: March, 11th - March, 31st
Detailed rules:

Submit your mix here until the end of the submission period and you're good to go:
Competition page on remixsquared

Remix Competition [Closed] - Final Destination

2012-12-02 15:31:46 by DJtheSdotcom

Congratulations to the winner, ElectricMudkip!

Wrath of the Underlings Vol. 1, my next remix album is finally finished! It contains battle themes of all sorts, that's regular, mid-boss and boss battles (no final or extra boss battles though).

You can download the album here in the best quality you could possibly desire, and pay as much as you think it's worth (including 0,00): derlings-vol-1

Here's a preview of the tracks:

I'm done uploading the in my opinion most worthy songs of the past, it's quite a lot and it will probably keep you busy for some time if you want to check out all of them.

So from now on, I'll post one new mix every two weeks (on the weekend mostly), so you don't get bored. Looking forward to your comments!

It's done! Also: new mix every 2 weeks

Back in action!

2012-06-27 04:00:52 by DJtheSdotcom

This site has really changed a lot since I visited last time. And for the better I gotta say!
Thus I'm going to upload the best of the songs I made since then and I will keep posting the newest mixes if they seem good enough to me.
Looking forward to your comments!

Back in action!

Touhou Remix Project done, some new mixes here as well

2010-05-30 14:48:07 by DJtheSdotcom

The Touhou Remix Project is done, check it out:

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Here you can download it: 7ni

I'll probably upload some of my later songs here as well. They don't suck as much as most of my others I hope.
I'm mostly active here, though: om

Touhou Remix Project done, some new mixes here as well

More active here?

2009-12-19 06:53:48 by DJtheSdotcom

Hmmm, I made up my mind...
Probably I should continue upload some of my better songs here to share it with the newgrounds community...
Thanks to DJPureSuffer!

You can follow me on YouTube if you want, though. om


2009-09-28 04:03:00 by DJtheSdotcom

Well, seems like I'm improving! Just made my first 'no midi' remix, Stormy Shadows (a Song of Storms Remix), and that proves that I already reached a higher level.
I definately won't stop making remixes, even if I'm busy as I am now.